We offer a variety of unlit, illuminated and auxiliary coverage sunvisors to the global automotive market. We create both fabric- and PVC-covered visors and have expanded polypropylene (EPP) visor core production capabilities. Whatever your needs for lighting, appearance, surface finish or extended sun coverage, we can make it happen. 


Sunvisor Systems

Standard Thermofold

Fabric Visor

  • Proprietary Thermofold assembly process
  • Injection-molded polypropylene core
  • Lit vanity option
  • Auxiliary coverage option

Standard EPP

PVC or Fabric Visor

  • EPP core
  • High-frequency weld option
  • Lit vanity option
  • Auxiliary coverage option

Vanity Packs

Unlit Vanities

  • Uncovered (flush or surface mount)
  • Sliding Cover (flush mount)
  • Flip cover (surface mount)

Basic unlit sunvisors are available as an entry-level visor with either a hinged, sliding cover or exposed mirror. Other options include a sliding or flip cover and either a flush or surface mount. 

Illuminated Vanities

  • IVP Vanity (covered or exposed lens, lit or unlit)
  • JVP Vanity (flush lit or unlit)
  • Elite Vanity (flush, variable intensity)
  • Europak (flush, lit or unlit)
  • Millenium (surface mount, lit or unlit)

Illuminated vanities are available with an integrated light source or can be configured with a light source fitted to the headliner. Other options include hinged and sliding covers and either a flush or surface mount. 

Auxiliary Coverage

We offer the following types of sliding mechanisms:

  • Slide-on-Rod
  • Extender
  • Auxiliary Blade